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Category: Plastic series

  1. AL090-1 – AL091-1 – AL090-2 – AL091-2

    Hose connector. Allows quick hose connection. Grooved non-slip grip, even with wet hands. AQUASTOP version also available.

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  2. AL092-1 – AL092-2

    Hose repairer. You can easily and quickly repair damaged hose. Just cut the damaged part and insert the hose repairer.

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  3. AL093-1 – AL093-3

    Tap connector allows easy and rapid connection of a garden connector to a tap without any further tools. Sturdy with non-slip grooved ring for easy

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  4. AL094-1 – AL094-1B

    3 way “Y” coupler. Allows you to create a double irrigation line for your garden. Apply a 3 way coupler to the end of the hose

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  5. AL094-2- AL094-2B

    Hose extension coupler. A hose can be easily extended with this adaptor. It may be used for changing hoses of different sizes.

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