GAV notizie

Spray guns

Tyre inflating Gun

Service Guns

Air Treatment

Taps and connectors

Quick couplers for automation

Turned and moulded Fittings

Tubes and Spirals

Z – HVLP Spray Gun




162 Line

Nyca – Carbon Nylon Line



HVLP Air Compressor



CEE approved

In Carbon-Nylon

Tyre tester

Accessories and Gauges

Blowing Guns

Washing Guns

Sand-Blasting Guns

Sound-Deadening Treatment Guns

Sealing guns and Polyurethane Foams

180 Series – 1/4

200 Series – from 1/2 – 3/8

300 Series – 1′

RP Series


AIRBLOCK – safety taps

ABM – AIRBLOCK giant taps

MAGNUM – giant taps and connectors

4500 – steel taps and tempered connectors

UNI – multi-socket taps

EUROLINE 112 – multi-socket taps

JAP – NITTO taps and connectors

OT58 – rough brass EURO taps and connectors

RRP – Technopolymer EURO taps and connectors

RM – Brass quick couplers

RR – Brass quick couplers

Technopolymer quick couplers

Push-on couplers

Compression-type fittings

Flow Regulators

Aluminium dividers

Turned fittings

Brass moulded fittings

Zamak moulded fittings

Raw OT 58 turned fittings

Ball valves

Various Pipe Fittings

Tube Evo – Pu

Compressed air hose

Compressed air PVC tube

Polyurethane hose

Hose clamps

RPL spirals with attachments

PA 126 HF spirals with attachments

Polyurethane spirals with attachments

Rislan tubes

Aluminium gun kit

Carbon Nylon Gun Kit

Ball valves

Pressure switches


Gav, a story over 40 years old

GAV is an Italian company highly specialized in the production of professional precision airbrushes, blowing, washing and treatment guns as well as all those spare parts, kits and fittings indispensable to the professionals in the world of work.
Over the years GAV has grown in quality and size, entering the garden world with a new product line for irrigation: garden guns and lances, fittings, sprayers, nebulizers, pumps and irrigation pipes.
GAV dedication is the fruit of careful and organized work in its every production phase, constantly undergoing quality checks and intermediate inspections that allow obtaining a fully reliable and top quality final product, capable of meeting customers’ expectations.

Experience, competence, investments and a focused organization have allowed to develop an increasingly more committed corporate policy that matches performance and respect for the environment, essential elements in GAV’s philosophy, strengthening therefore its Italian identity and conquering a leading position on the international market.

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