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Safety quick magnum series connect coupler with European (universal) standard profile. Gav air accessories experience created this interchangeable coupler compatible with the best connection nipples brands of the market.An extensive range realized by CNC modern machine tools for customers looking for security (it’s one hand-operated safety coupler that vents the air flow before disconnection eliminating the risk of whip) quality and long life service.All parts subjected to mechanical pressure tests has been designed and made in hardened steel. The full AIRBLOCK magnum series range is provided with PTFE thread seal coating for ease of assembling and time saving applications. The 4100 nipple’s series has been performed with zinc-coated and hardened steel; male thread nipples are provided with Teflon-coated treatment included.
Operating temperature: -10°C – +60 °C
Operating Pressure: 0-50 BAR
Fluid: Air

Product Description

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Operating temperature

-10°C – +60 °C

Operating Pressure

0-50 BAR